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January 8, 2010



Monday Night War Zone

Fri Jan 8, 2010, 12:23 PM
  • Mood: Wow!
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I feel compelled to speak on this~   lol

How many of you guys were watching Monday night?

So they're trying to do it again~   TNA wants to re-ignite the age old MONDAY NIGHT WARS againts the WWE.   Seems rather fitting since TNA resembles WCW to an alarming degree..

I have always been on the WWE team, at least for the most part.  Back during the ORIGINAL war with wcw it was the cool badass edgy show that you couldnt help but love.  I was also a huge WCW fan,  but i was a mark for the names, and it was the cruiserweight action that I loved most.  (sound familiar X-Division?)  It wasnt until the old ECW came around that I found a TRULY superior product, but that's beside the point.

in the mid 2000's WWE got so stale, that we all tried to find an alternative.  I watched alot of TNA, ROH, and NJPW during this time,   but TNA always had a problem
it was boring!   they had an entertaining X division in the middle of a show of semi retired rejects.   fast forward to 2010

TNA wants a war
BUUUT theyre still boring..  and watching the nWo in their walkers and wheelchairs was actually far more depressing than entertaining..  It seems like they dont want to prove that TNA is superior, i think they want to be WCW!
Vince and the WWF used to joke that WCW was the 'wrestling retirement home' and that was 15 years ago!  Look at TNA now..
did anyone else find that funny watching Hogan Hall and Nash on Impact?
and somebody PLEASE tell me why X-pac things he belongs in the ring with these aging legends!?

WWE RAW featured an aging legend of it's own
the return of Bret The Hitman Hart!   never say never, right?
I noticed something comparing the 2 big name returns monday night..
Hogan was greeted warmly, but i definately got the feeling alot of the TNA faithful doesnt want him there..  and his nWo re-hash theme song just made me laugh..
..and Bret was welcomed back with open arms by fans who were legitimately happy to see him again, and care about him!   It was a marvelous moment,  just hearing that theme song and seeing him walk the aisle to that huge pop gave me goosebumps!

Hogan and the nWo made me depressed and think about how sad it is how everyone gets old and thats life and that sucks..
Bret made me feel like a young fan again!  there was something magic about his return, and something tired about Hogans..

I've tried to be a TNA fan but i just can't do it.  They're not doing anything revolutionary, but seem to think they are.  And keep telling us how fresh and exciting they are.   They dont go 5 minutes without saying that TNA is gonna be number 1 and how they are the best sports entertainment show on earth.

I think they believe if they keep saying it, we will eventually beleive it!!  haha,  doesnt make it true~~

Also i think Jeff Hardy made a retarded move, he took a step BACKWARD there, and Ric Flair?  he just had a big emotional retirement, and ruined it~  X-pac is just kinda pathetic, and the Nasty Boys? who cares!

I've given TNA too many chances to win me over,  they really failed again.
I am however genuinely excited to watch RAW next week~~

Conclusion:  Competition is healthy. But this isn't gonna cut it.

Thats my two cents!   GO GET EM, HITMAN!

plz discuss!

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Nicirara Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2010
WWE and TNA are both taking the piss right now.

I was watching TNA the other night (nothing else on) and I was actually really shocked at home many good wrestlers have defected (mainly Jeff and Kenedy grrrr) to what I think really is a poor show. Oh and since when did they sway to RAW's square ring??
Anywho, I think the reason Jeff went over was because they were willing to take him on, even knowing how unreliable he is, especially with his love for drugs, and based on the fact that he is a superb wrestler, and the fans adore him.
Kenedy, sorry Anderson... just, no.
And Hacksaw, Flair, Kurt Angle, Steiner, Sting, Lashley... ;-;

Bret returning to WWE was awesome however! 8D
And please someone make Punk shave.
OH AND HOW EPIC WAS EDGE'S RETURN?! I don't think they've decided if the want him heel or face lol I hope he'll turn face, 'cos we miss nice cocky Edge!

Um, thats it I think.
Conclusion: TNA su-cks, and WWE is genuinely awesome atm.

Oh and hi btw, how are ya? *3*
vashperado Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010  Professional Filmographer
haha i am good~ I agree TNA is piss poor

and i think punk's beard is to make him look like Jesus! LOL
the "straight edge savior!"
Nicirara Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
Good good! :D
Good point well made~

It's more like "straight edge bender".
At the moment, Punk's the gay marines poster boy.
Sharingan-Zero Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010
I may not have watched both of them, but i did see parts of Raw and even though i hate that brand so much due to its bad comedy, less wrestling, more skits, the same old guys and matches and the guest host gimmick (some were good, others were bad) i was so excited to see bret hart return. brought back memories!

TNA however, glad i didn't watch, the Hogan and NWO reunion was depressing, i knew they were proving that they're WCW 2.0 also Jeff Hardy going there was a mistake IMO and X-Pac & the Nastys on the show was just worthless. It's obvious since Knobbs is close to Hogan and the X-Pac heat will make its return.
vashperado Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010  Professional Filmographer
takes ya back to the 90's
mechanicalfiend Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010
i say bring on a new monday night war! hell its about time wrestling did something interesting cause all their new stuff sucks. but yeah they gotta stop recycling legends and get some new people in there. i was hoping theyd bring back the rock but nnnoooooooo...he wants to go and do his little gay ass tooth fairy movie >.>
vashperado Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010  Professional Filmographer
i think rocky will be back soon~~
mechanicalfiend Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010
i have a feeling that hes not gonna be back anytime soon. he didnt even show up for the smackdown 10th anniversary! he did a fucking telecast. if he does come back, its gonna be like in a year cause he still has 3 more stupid and bad movies to make lol
vashperado Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010  Professional Filmographer

whens he gonna realize that nobody cares about him in hollywood, and his only fans are wrestling fans!
mechanicalfiend Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2010
hopefully when enough people and wrestling fans make fun of his movies lol
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