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a decade of deviousness

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 4:41 PM

"Deviant since Oct 22, 2004"

October??  but now is october!  2 thousand and four...-TEEEEEN

Holy moly, 10 years..      to think in just 10 years i've gone from a silly teenager drawing naruto fanart
all way to a mature adult drawing....   naruto... fanart...

all jokes aside, thats a long time, and a big deal!  I feel i should comment on this historic milestone
Prior to joining this website, I was the only person around who could draw.  i was THAT GUY who drew pictures
I drew pictures alone in my room, or at school, and not many people ever saw them.
I didn't know at all about posting art on the internet. it wasnt until i moved out to college and made art friends IRL
they saw my art on my desk and suggested "hey you should really post your work on DeviantArt!"
I was like Devawho what?

But i decided to check it out, and i saw a lot of really cool stuff here, and A MILLION ARTISTS who could draw
not just me anymore, and then VERY TIMIDLY i posted my first couple of drawings
they were a drawings of Vash from Trigun, and team 7 from Naruto that i had drawn that summer in 2004
actually i think ive got it around here somewhere...

Oh man *shudders*
i was pretty nervous about it, posting art online seemed like you were really putting yourself out there
I was hesitant at first, thinking no one would notice my work,
or worse HATE my art and make fun of it

but NOPE! to my surprise, i was getting nice compliments!
and even better, making friends online who were artists as well~
I really liked this place, and i began to post EVERY SINGLE THING i drew all naruto
and chatting in the notes like "HEY DO U HAVE MSN, LOL" and then sharing wips together as you draw
I made so many friends here,  some i even still talk to now 10 years later!  THATS a crazy long time

Tell ya what tho,  having friends you can talk to about the silly art you both were posting in 2005 all the
ICHIGOS and INUYASHAS, L's and USOPPS and be able to laugh about it is a nice thing to have..
not to mention watching their skills grow, and still see their new work today and feel SO PROUD of them.

10 years later,  559 drawings posted
Hoooo, i commented 58,000 times!?! Thats a lot
I always i tried as hard as i could to answer every comment i received.
I made a stupid promise to myself that if anyone took the time to comment on my work, they deserved a reply at least~
I DIDNT THINK THAT ONE THROUGH lol it made for a lot of late nights answering comments,
but i just really enjoyed reading them, saying thanks, and jokin around with you
Actually, even now, if i see a deviation with amazing art and zero comments answered, i am so not likely to comment at all.
I wanted to be the opposite of that, opposite of amazing art? no, just to really be friendly and open!
That was always the best thing about this place, the friends you made~

Well i dont know im writing this all in PAST TENSE like im dying or somethin
10 years down,  I ain't done, 10 more years lets see what kinda shit im drawing then! lol hopefully not naruto
its ending in 2 weeks i cant be drawing that shit in 2024

So hey,
I've been rather fortunate here, and thats all thanks to you!
Thanks for liking my art~
Thanks for leaving a comment or 2
Thanks for blabbin about naruto with me~  
And also, thanks for liking 88~ that means a lot!  you haven't seen the last of her

Best of luck to you and your art~

~Mikey / Vashy

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Mike Nesbitt
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
I am a visual artist working and living in Toronto. I try my best to make art that either captures a feeling or causes one. Hope you like my work, and yours.



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AndreaGodoy Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member
do you accept commissions?
thorman Featured By Owner 4 days ago
no problem friend you gallery is cool awesome congraluations friend continue with good work:D
citory Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
I made some mistakes in prev message.

More than 4 of your works are in my personal gallery, because they rise real emotions in me. It is hard to echieve in art-you did.
citory Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
More than 4 of your works are in my person gallery, because they rise in me real emotions. Its hard to echieve in art-you did.
themovieman37 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Student Filmographer
your art is so cool, it would be so awesome if you could draw something for my anime i'm writing :D
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Dude I love your style. Such inspiring work!
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vashperado Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Professional Filmographer
ah thank you so much *^*
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